Growing in your christian walk is essential to living victoriously. So, why not study at our Kingdom Believers School to get a strong prophetic and apostolic foundation for your faith. The prophetic & apostlic is when the scripture is opened to you by the Holy Spirit. You are created to keep soaring..




We love reaching out to the community and sharing the gospel. Staying fit while spreading God's truth.





Say from your Heart:

Jesus I am sorry for my sins (wrongs), forgive me. Help me to forgive myself for my mistakes. I want to follow you today, live in my heart. I believe you died for me, wash me with your blood. Fill me with your Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Amen


Ways to grow in Faith:


* Read your Bible (i.e New King James, Amplified, NIV) & Concordance (for study)

*Learn about Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit

*Learn about who you are in Christ



*Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

*Praise and Worship

*Join our Kingdom Church


If you spoke these words, send us your email and we will like to pray with you on this new journey.

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